St. Patty’s Day Field Trip to Dobell Ranch

We had thirteen club members drive out to Dobell Ranch to collect petrified wood.  Everyone was in high spirits, and the weather was cooperative, providing us with a gorgeous day.  We had so much fun both Linda & I forgot to take photos. Here’s a link to the Dobell Ranch website’s photo gallery:

Noah Dobell was incredibly helpful and generously donated a bucket of petrified wood and a bunch of dinosaur bones for us to use in our Kids Zone at our show in June.

Field Trip Report – Gray Mountain

December 9, 2017 – We had seven club members head out to Gray Mountain to collect Petrified Wood and Jasper.  The morning started out a bit cooler than most of us found comfortable, but by the time we got to our second stop the wind had died down and the temperature was as nearly perfect as I’ve ever felt it out there.

We followed several dirt tracks just to see where they went and found plenty of the rocks we were looking for – including a few specimens of Petrified Wood sporting delightful druzy crystals.  The Jasper was plentiful in a couple of spots just off the main road into the BLM area we were collecting in.

As several of us hadn’t followed the main road all the way out to the Little Colorado river before, we took that drive, which is well worth it if you enjoy amazing sandstone sculptures.